Captains dram today… Rosebank 1990

Captains dram today…
– Rosebank 1990 – 2014, 46 % vol. bottled by Gordon & MacPhail

Sitting in the (highly recommended) Otterburn Bnb with a breathtaking view over the Loch Sunart (the weather proves the name) what could be a better end of the day as a nice whisky I’ve never tried before! From a lost distillery moreover.

Color: between straw and white wine (probably refill bourbon cask)

Quite delicate for an old whisky, not overly complex, lemon peel and fresh snow upfront (funny I get snow quite often), some grapefruit and oak

Taste: oak, peach stone, orange peel.. hm

Finish: shorter then expected for such an old whisky… most certainly refills.

This whisky is ok for me but didn’t really float my boat specially since it’s hard to come by and most certainly an painful experience for your wallet. If it’s just the Rosebank house style or the rather weak casks in here I can’t tell (tendencies to the casks). The Lowlands stay a tricky task for me!
It has to be added that the bottle was quite low (as to be seen on the picture) and might have been happily breathing away over some time. In the end of the day whisky is like a polaroid only capturing the moment.

Slainte my friends! Off now happy marining away!

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